Why learn React?

Thu Jun 09 2022

- D. K. Dhabale

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Developers and soon-to-be developers this is a blog series on learning React. And this is the first blog, so I want to give you reasons why you should learn React.

Let’s keep this real short-

  1. React is popular. If you are seeking employment in whatever form as a developer, a technology that is popular makes your job search that much easier.
  2. React has a mild learning curve. If you know HTML - CSS and JS you can pick up React next and make your first to-do list in a day.
  3. React is here to stay There are a lot of other frameworks, but the trend favors React. So if you are skilled in this library/ framework you are guaranteed to be relevant for at least the next 5-6 years.

I hope you like the posts, if you have any suggestions or queries please use the comments box to reach me. All the best on your React journey sailor :)